i CANNOT follow you back! this is a secondary blog! 

why don’t you post ______girls?

  • i post what i see on my dash and what i see in my submissions 

is this the same person that owns cuteassboys?

  • yes!

are you a girl or a boy?

  • that doesn’t matter 

why don’t you ever get on here?

  • idk because its a secondary blog, its harder to post stuff

can i co own this blog?

  • no, maybe if it was a blog by its self i would let you but if i give you the password to this blog, im giving you the password to cuteassboys too!


submission Q’s

  • am i ugly?

you shouldn’t let a blog determine how you feel about yourself

when are you gonna post my submission?

  • if i see it and i like it, i’ll post it…

do you like_____girls?

  • i love all girls <3

can i submit my sister, cousin, girlfriend…

  • YES! 
when will you open submissions? 
  • idk


DO NOT ask me anything about cuteassboys on this blog

DO NOT send me msgs saying that i copied off of whoevers cute girl blog. i’ll delete the msg. i don’t even go on any other cute girl blogs!